Limousin Living
Life in the heart of France
13th September 2012
Grape Jelly brew
The grapes on vines growing in Pauline and Roger's garden were heavy, ripe and plentiful. We collected a barrelful and brought them home to brew up in two batches in the mighty jam pan. After dripping through a jelly bag overnight, we boiled up the sticky deep red juice with sugar. The resulting gently-set grape jelly is to die for. Intensely flavoured, perfectly set, full of vitamins... wonderful on toast.
A very affectionate young cat, very thin and hungry, made big eyes at us when we gave her a friendly stroke. She miaowed, she purred, she rubbed up against your hand, she was very appealing. And homeless. After a quick check with his partner, my brother took the cat home and thus swelled his cat household from 2 to 3. Days later, he discovered that she was getting decidedly rounder in the middle.... yup, she's pregnant. Just three weeks later she produced four adorable tiny kittens, two marmelade, one black and one tabby. The tiny fluffy bundles, just the size of a hamster, spend most of their time
A Tale of Four Kitties
asleep, the rest searching for milk. Now two weeks later, their eyes are open and the tabby was the first to stumble out of the cardboard-box-nest and go exploring.
Of course I think they're adorable, but I'm not allowed to adopt any more ... seven really is more than enough. Mike hopes to keep two ... so the other two will be looking for new tin-openers, er, I mean loving carers. Any offers?
How tiny is that?!
Fat-in-the-middle Mum, always hungry.
So, how cute am I?
A simple life: drink, sleep.