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Life in the heart of France
10th September 2012
Squtternut Bosh!
This year's harvest of butternut squash, that makes fifteen plump crisp fleshy veggies, that will make at least thirty meals for the two of us over the coming months. Very pleased with this produce - they keep well and we shall eat well! No wonder Tony looks pleased with himself.
La Maison du Papier, sadly closed for the season but usually packed with handmade papers, cards, gifts and all things crafty.
Just another beautiful building down a side street in the old town.
The following Wednesday we took Roger and Pauline to Montmorillon, for a wander, a browse and lunch at the Nota Bene pizzeria (the crèperie is closed for a makeover!). They loved the town, the old buildings, the peace and quiet by the babbling river.
And the architecture...
Tony in a pensive moment by the clear water.