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25th August 2012
Fête de la Terre
One attraction was 'Traine-cul' which Google translates to 'Troll-ass' (so we're none the wiser). This involved racing old cars that had been cut in half, fitted with reinforcing bars and a single rear wheel to keep the back end off the ground. Bizarre! First a tractor dragged a water tanker around the racetrack spraying water... we weren't sure if it was to keep the dust down or make mud for more enjoyable spectating. Then several races were run where four or five of these half-cars raced around the track until the right number of laps had been achieved, or, more often, all but one had crashed, got stuck or broken down.
Quite entertaining, really! I wonder what they did with the other half cars....
Just a few minutes' drive from our place, in fields near Miaumande, there was a Fête de la Terre - Festival of the Earth literally - an annual event that we've not been to before. We went along with Roger and Pauline who have just arrived for three relaxing weeks R&R.
The event seemed to be aimed mostly at farmers, Young Farmers, petrol-heads, and men who find oily old tractors fascinating. There'd been a competition of ploughing, the nice new shiny state-of-the-art tractors proudly parked at the end of the rows they'd ploughed. I'd have preferred to see huge horses and manual ploughs, but hey ho.
We bought beers from the ubiquitous beer-tent, then watched a sheep-shearing competition. All taken very seriously, 3 shearers each shaved 5 sheep in a time trial up on a trailer for a stage. One team had come from Wales! Poor sheep got upended, pulled and pushed and occasionally grazed (shaving cuts, not eating grass) but must have been glad to finally lose that woolly coat... in this heat! Sorry no pics, the camera battery died at an inconvenient moment.
Half a Renault... or was it a Fiesta?
Bouncy castle, beer tent, tractor parade...
A great breezy warm day to be out in the fields.
Speaking of Fields... Roger and Pauline with Tony.
The racetrack, defined by bales and tape and the last half-car left in the running.