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21st August 2012
Pool Party
The gite's been occupied all summer, and most of the guests have enjoyed the use of the pool whenever they want. We tend to dive in (not literally, not deep enough for safe diving) when they've gone for a meal, or out shopping or exploring. But we reclaimed it on Tuesday at 7 for a pool party, a few friends over for a swim and supper.
Photos by ace cameraman Colin - thanks!
My lovely Albizia, a.k.a. Silk Tree, in fine exotic bloom. The flowers are so soft you can't actually feel them. The tree has flourished this year, despite February's freeze.
It had been a hot day and the cool water was welcome. After a dip (all except Mel who did at least dip her feet in!), we ate on the terrace at the shady back of the house, since the south-west facing front was too hot for comfort.

Jacqueline joined us after her horse-riding session, for dessert by candlelight. She, Matt and Tony had a dip in the dark, illuminated by the underwater light. We don't often use that light as it brings in the moths and assorted insect life, so you have to keep your mouth shut, but it's worth it.

Love these summer nights.
Mel, me, Polly and Jacqueline.