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14th August 2012
Fruits of our labours
It's been hot, hot, hot! For a couple of weeks the temperatures have been up in the 30's, even reaching 40C in the middle of August. Our thermometer hanging in the sunshine on the terrace at home went off the scale...
Hot nights make it difficult to sleep, even with a fan running all night. You can't do anything except loll about in the shade reading or listening to the iPod. Thank goodness for the pool! We've had to leave the cover off overnight, switch off the solar heating, to try to keep the water under 30C, so it still refreshes. It's a pure delight to plunge in the pool to cool off.
Not complaining about the heat, though, it's a rare treat.
... and veg of course.

We have a more sensible number of tomato plants this year, and just one yellow courgette plant and one round green courgette plant. Which means we can just about keep up with the produce. Tomato salads are varied and colourful - we even have some 'black' tomatoes to add to the colour palette. The freezers are also filling nicely with tomato and onion sauce and roasted skinned tomatoes, ready for many a winter meal.
We decided to go to the last Producers' Market of the summer, in Le Dorat. A warm evening but relieved by a cloudy cover, it was certainly well attended.. i.e. bustling with people (some would say 'heaving'!). Seven of us: Tony and I, Pol and Col, David and Jill and their visiting friend Jan, managed to find a table to enjoy barbequed duck (theirs), omelette (ours), chips and crèpes along with local wine. The band were pretty good, and we left the others to dance into the night.
Last Night of the Prod's