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12th August 2012
Blond Highlights
We sat under the shade of the trees on the village green, sipping a coffee and watching the goings-on. Of course this market sells lots of other stuff too. Handmade wooden toys, pictures, clothes, cheeses, wines, foods of all kinds, tablecloths, quality Breton jersey tops, plants, jewellery, and all sorts. It provided a jolly good browse, followed by a barquette of skinny chips from the big burger van.
Second Sunday of August, so it must be the annual Garlic and Melon festival in Blond.

Yup, there are the melons, lots of luscious local Charantais melons, sold by the crate. We wonder what anyone does with a dozen melons... make wine? Eat melon with every meal? Throw a melon party?

And yes, there's the garlic. Piles of trimmed and tressed garlic bulbs, and onions red and white, and shallots aplenty.
Back at home, we spot a beautiful but scary wasp spider, hanging in a web spun between clothes-post and fence-post. As I watched, she wrapped up a trapped fly in white silk for lunch later...