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11th August 2012
Field Feast
When you live and work in the same building, it does you good to have somewhere else to go, for a break, to get away from it all. Polly and Colin have acquired a caravan for just that purpose, and have parked it up in the corner of their field, where they keep the horses. It's their hideaway, in a secret location, and we were honoured to be invited to share a meal with them there, and a drop or two of wine, one warm August evening.
We also met 'the boys' - four handsome creatures surrounded by a million flies. The two big lads like to stand nose to tail and oblige by swishing their tails around the other's head to waft away the pesky insects.
We admired the home made sofa... what do you mean, it looks like a pallet?

The meal was delightful, conjured up in a caravan kitchen and finished with a flourish with a plum and almond pizza. Wow!

Great evening, illuminated by the setting sun then later by candlelight.
Hold in those stomachs, chaps!
Mmm, pizza!