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6th August 2012
Anniversary Schmaltz
Tony and me. It was our wedding anniversay on the 6th August, twenty four years since the busiest week of our lives. We moved house, started two new jobs and got married all within 7 days.

The wedding was a low key and low budget affair at Loughborough Registry Office, with a few friends and close family, and a party back at Tony's brother's house on probably the hottest day of 1988. It was a lovely day.
That was us, then. And this is us, now.
So anyway, we thought we'd start the evening at the Café de la Place in Darnac to share a drink with friends Ally, Jan and Caroline, which was lovely.

Tony had booked a table at Pizza 147, a restaurant on the N147 road at Moulismes that had been recommended to us but that we'd never been to. So, suitably hungry, we drove the 30km or so and arrived to find it SHUT. There was a scribbled notice on the door saying it was a 'fermeture exceptionnel' and that it would be open again tomorrow. No good! Hungry now!

Consequently that may be the only time we try to get in that restaurant, depending on whether they respond to our message on their Facebook page...
there are plenty of good pizzerias, closer to home.
So, grumpy and hungry, we drove on to Montmorillon in the hope of finding the Nota Bene pizzeria open. Nope. Monday is not a good day to find anywhere open. So next we tried the little restaurant recently opened in the main square of Montmorillon opposite the Mairie. But that offered only burgers, and a choice of only one veggie burger that we weren't confident would be cooked on a separate grill from the meaty ones. And there was only one man - waiter, cook, and barman - who warned us there'd be a wait as he was 'tout seul'. By this time we were too hungry to wait, so we went to the brasserie for an omelette and chips, finally getting to eat at 9pm. Not exactly a gourmet treat, but at least the chap there was friendly and the atmosphere was good. Ah well, it was a good anniversary day anyway.
Pizza 147 - nul points
Look, the same pearls - a wedding present from Tony to me.