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3rd August 2012
Lathus Night Market
You go all winter with nothing happening, then they all come at once. The very next evening there's another event, this time in Lathus. Food stalls, barbeques, french fries, wines and beers, and tables set up under the trees in the square. Arriving early again, we enjoyed our food in the evening sunshine and left when it got busy. A good 'do'.
Handsome Fido waits for breakfast under the slug-free plant nursery. Notice that butternut squash - it grows noticeably bigger each day in the veggie garden.
Our favourite boulangerie/ patisserie in Bellac ran out of croissants.. quel horreur! So we treated ourselves to one raspberry macaroon instead. Oh my, what a pleasure, what a work of art. Worth every calorie.
Local made breads
The best chips yet.
Carnivores' kitchen