Limousin Living
Life in the heart of France
2nd August 2012
Marché Festif
Montmorillon puts on an evening farmers' market where people can buy meat from the stalls and have it barbequed for sociable feasting.
We bought artisan baked baguettes, olive 'cake', a kilo of tomatoes, goats' cheeses, beer and skinny chips - our own meat-free feast. Then we bought a peak-of-the-season melon for taking home.
For entertainment, mother (on the left) and son played accordion and wooden crate.. he drummed on the box with his hands and rocked backward to vary the tone. Very tuneful.
Smoky barbeques
Goats' cheeses
We deliberately arrived early when there were no queues at the stalls and there was plenty of space at the long tables. As the place filled up we people-watched - some had brought wineglasses, condiments, crockery, salad side dishes... making a posh picnic out of the event.