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30th July 2012
Dolmen de Bouéry
On an impulse detour on the way back from the Lac de Mondon, we swerved off the road to St. Léger Magnazeix following signs to 'Dolmen', down lanes, through a hamlet, along tracks into the woods and finally we found this pile of rocks in a woodland glade.
It's a Neolithic monument, probably a burial site, dating back to 4000 to 3000 B.C. in the depths of sparsely populated countryside. The granite capstone is about 5 metres in diameter... how the devil did they get that up there??
There are circular carvings on one of the support stones - perhaps a smiley face? It's really very impressive, the sheer size of the rocks and the way the massive capstone is balanced on the five support stones. Its setting in a little clearing in the forest with sunshine beaming down like a spotlight is quite magical.
Back home, we try to keep on top of the burgeoning vegetable patch, but you take your eye off it for two hours... and you suddenly have eleven... yes, eleven cucumbers, three yellow courgettes and several big round green courgettes to deal with! Plus with all the rain and sunshine we've been having, the grass is still growing at a rate - giving Tony cause to get the big red beast out and play tractors around the lawns.