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25th July 2012
Delicious Dip
Brother Mike along with Frederique and her boys came over to enjoy the pool and a meal on the terrace. The lads spent more time in the water than out of it, even taking a dip before dessert. Mike's temporary above-ground pool is awaiting spare parts so is not yet filled with water. So this came as a very welcome and refreshing plunge on a scorching afternoon.
In our spendid flower beds, it's the turn of the lillies, so exotic.
There's a small, neat campsite and a big open air swimming pool with waterslide which is open to campers in the mornings and to anyone in the afternoons. There's also an auberge in a lovely manor house (pic right), offering traditional French food (i.e. vegetarian-unfriendly). Lovely location though.
Just 38 km from our place is the Lac de Mondon, a calm lake set in beautiful natural Limousin countryside. We went, we saw, we liked it. After a stroll along the waterside path, we had lunch at the café overlooking the lake.
Lac de Mondon