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15th July 2012
Sunday Lunch
We wanted to take fellow veggie Lee and Margaret to the crèperie in Tersannes, and they were not disappointed. Sunday lunch, and the restaurant was full, including a French family party of 14. Crispy crèpes with a fab choice of fillings, served with a frilly dressed salad, washed down with cider. Then dessert, oh my lordie; a Tatin with sautéd apples, vanilla ice cream, salted caramel sauce and chantilly, or a Mikado with velvetty dark chocolate and white chocolate ice creams and choccy sticks and sprinkles (mine without chantilly by choice) ... how to choose?
My list of local markets said there's one in Mortemart on the 17th of every month, but there was no sign of it, so we drank a welcome coffee outside the café in the sunshine. Then we went on to St. Junien for some shopping and lunch in our favourite crèperie there (yes, again, so what?). The weather's definitely improved and made a very pleasant wander around the old town before hitting Hyper U and Monsieur Bricolage. Nice to get out and about.
Day out
The village of Mortemart, flower filled, quiet and peaceful.
The crèperie's terrace and garden.
St. Junien