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14th July 2012
Storming the Bastille
The French refer to this celebration as the "quatorze juillet", just the date, or "La Fête Nationale". But the Brits call it Bastille Day, a celebration of the storming of the Bastille and the happy conclusion of the French Revolution. Anyway, we just like the fireworks.

We went to Le Dorat where people gathered in the gardens of the Mairie, listened to the town band and shivered while waiting for darkness to fall.
In previous years in the middle of July we've been basking in a warm breeze and worried about getting sunburnt. Today, we seriously underestimated our need for a big coat, and steadily got chilled. Some locals were better prepared and brought a sleeping bag that they unzipped and huddled under.
Still, when the fireworks did start, it was worth the chilly wait. They seem to be more impressive - and louder - each year and the highlight this time was a massive curtain of golden sparks filling the sky and floating slowly down to earth. Bravo!