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11th July 2012
Montmorillon Market Day
Returning to Montmorillon for market day and the weekly shop in Leclerc, we had a few minutes to spare so we sheltered from a short shower of rain under the trees in the little park alongside the Gartempe river. Even in the rain, it's a pretty place.
Sales are on.
New Shoes.
Le Dorat's Producers' Markets are put on alternate Thursday evenings throughout June, July and August. You buy your preferred meat as steak or kebab or sausage, direct from the producers at their stalls, or they'll make you an omelette to order, or you can choose from salads and savouries. You can have your meat cooked on the barbeques and eat at the long tables set up in front of the Collegiale.

There are french fries, wine and beer, and for dessert crèpes, ice creams, fruits and tartlets. Local bands provide free musical entertainment with dancing later. It's a great, sociable event, noisy and friendly.

Luckily the rain held off although it was unseasonably cool. We met up with many friends and we all ate well, drank plenty and laughed a lot. I love these events.
We had lunch in the crèperie, which was absolutely divine, Forestière crèpes with mushrooms in a garlicky creamy sauce accompanied by cider. Then we wonder again why we don't do this more often.
Le Dorat Producers' Market