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8th July 2012
Montmorillon meet-up
We met up with friends Pete and Dan in Montmorillon at the pizzeria. It happened to be Pete's birthday, so his lasagne arrived with a candle in it... and the café gourmand came with a sparkler. Very amusing.
The rest of us decided to try the chocolate pizza for dessert, new on the menu. Well, we've tried it now, but there's something intrinsically wrong with chocolate on a pizza. Next time I'll stick to the gorgeous Italian ice-cream.
After leaving the pizzeria, we paused at the Maison Dieu & Chapelle St. Laurent in Montmorillon, near the ancient Octogon. The setting sun cast a brilliant orange light on the stone buildings, demanding a photo. I tried the wide shot too, but the camera got a bit confused joining up the three images, making the church look as if it's just about to topple over. Interesting effect!
Seeing the light.