Limousin Living
Life in the heart of France
7th July 2012
Fun & Fireworks
For entertainment, a French singer (not bad, actually), for sustenance a 'repas champÍtre' or for us a barquette of chips and the ubiquitous beer & wine tent. A heavy downpour drove everyone under cover of the canvas awnings for a while, then as soon as it got dark at 11pm, the fireworks began. And so did the rain. The display was loud and impressive, reflected in the lake.
The first of the summer's firework celebrations was at St. Barbant, out in a field near a lake. Lots of people!
Leaving the field-car-park, the rain got heavier, making the driving along dark winding country lanes with no white lines somewhat hair-raising. Then the heaviest rain ever pounded down, lightening and thunder raged... and we were very glad to get home.
Don't know who Tony's neighbour is... he looks a bit depressed...!