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26th June 2012
Food Glorious Food
As well as the predictable lettuces, we've been growing some amazing food in the little potager. Whilst we didn't get a single cherry this year - the early frosts put paid to that - and the strawberry harvest was much reduced, we have had a lot of raspberries, over a long period of time too. Raspberry ripple ice-cream, raspberry coulis, crushed raspberries in yogurt, and
We harvested a few peas too. Not many, but that just made them more precious and appreciated.

This year we tried a few different types of beetroot too - the usual red, a golden yellow and stripy ones. They're good thinly sliced raw, also steamed and roasted.
Now the yellow courgette plant - only one, that's all we need - has started to produce lovely, crisp firm courgettes. Fortunately the first two grew at the same time, so I cut them when the fruits were about 15cm long but the flower was still on, stuffed the flower-part with a creamy cheese and chilli filling, then dipped them in beer-batter and deep-fried them. A once-a-year treat that was made slightly healthier by serving it with salad. Delish.

The odd weather this year has meant the herbs have not done so well (the prolific slug population dined well though) but we've had our first curly cucumber, the first green round courgette and the garlic (lots) and onions (not so many this year) are harvested, plaited and hung in the garage.
Meanwhile the butternut squash are fattening nicely...
Food you've planted, nurtured, watered and watched grow always tastes better. And it's such a pleasure to go and pick some produce from the garden for your dinner.
several batches of luscious jam for the whole year.