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23rd June 2012
Gite, Guests and Goats
It's repainted, it's cleaned, it's all set up ready for the summer's visitors. The gite is looking great. The flower beds are sprinkled with colour, the vine is climbing the walls and the trees are fully in leaf. We trimmed the birch and the hazel to let more light in, we tidied up the hedge and cleaned the terrace. We set out the new sunloungers and hung up the hammocks. All ready.
The guests now here wanted goat's milk - their baby can't take cow's milk - and since it's not available in local shops we asked Sophie who sells goat's cheese on the local markets. She invited us to go to her farm, just 5 minutes away, with an empty bottle. The farm's in a tiny hamlet of 3 houses and an enormous barn. We had to walk through the first part of the barn where 20 big soppy cows were lined up being milked by hand, twenty pairs of eyes following us as we went...
In the back part of the barn was an enclosure with dozens of goats, curious and patiently waiting to be milked. Sophie filled our bottle from a churn and gave it with a big smile and an invitation to come back for more at any time. The milk was still warm. We like goats. Wouldn't it be good to have a couple of goats...
We stroked some of the many farm cats, cooed at the kitten, chatted with Sophie's young girls, then returned with the milk for the guests. What a place!