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15th June 2012
Vince The Voice
A grasshopper, big and bright green, posed on our one arum lily. It's a wild old place, here.
Having survived the first round on The Voice (that BBC prime time Saturday evening search for the next big thing in entertainment..) Vince Freeman made a return visit to the Petite Fontaine in Le Dorat. A one-night-only performance to a packed audience. To me he seems to be playing and singing better than ever - perhaps it was all that 'coaching' he had for the programme. Unfortunately Tony missed the performance as he was in the UK (first time in nearly 4 years) for a reunion party with his workmates. But it was a great evening that everyone seemed to enjoy. Sadly Vince isn't living in Le Dorat any more, but he'll be back later in the summer for another gig or two.
One lovely sunny evening, Ally brought daughters Alex and Kirsty with Matt to ours for dinner on the terrace. We ate as the sun slipped down, and when the light faded switched on the fairy lights, staying out till well after dark. I love these warm evenings. We had a great time with lots of laughing, quite a bit of talking and a fair amount of wine. Good times!
Alex and Kirsty, both looking lovely.
Tony's workmates, barely changed in 8 years, the old gang back together in the VIP area of a swish bar in Nottingham.