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13th June 2012
Home Sweet Pool
It was, incredibly, seven whole years ago that we built the pool. The original summer cover (left), like thick bubble-wrap to keep in heat and reduce evaporation overnight, has become brittle from exposure to UV rays, and decidedly ragged at the edges.
Pulling that cover over the pool was getting ridiculous, the holes and tears were growing, so we gritted our teeth and ordered a new one. They're only supposed to last 5 years, so we can't complain. It came made-to-measure and hemmed around all edges with binding, with reinforced holes at one end to attach it to the roller with bungees. Much better! It's amazing what you can order on the internet these days, and this was only 60% of the cost of the original one, since we didn't get it from expensive Waterair. Now we even cover it when it's wound up on the roller with the UV-resistant protector sheet that we should have been using all along... (We'll see how long that lasts!)
A recently rediscovered feature of my little camera is the wide shot... 3 snaps the clever thing joins together.