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6th June 2012
Marketplace Makeover
It's taken them months, but the Marketplace in front of the town hall in Montmorillon has been completed. The space has been paved, the pavements widened, the car parking much restricted, and big planters containing towers of geraniums have been installed. There's a new water feature too, spouts of water squirting up from a grille. This boy was having a great time and was soaked through, having run up and down the line of fountains, squealing with delight. His little sister was fascinated too, but not allowed to get so wet. The market, having been relocated to another part of the town, has returned with more space between the stalls and fewer obstacles to trip over. A great improvement to the town and the market browsing experience. The sculpture in pebbles and plants reads "Salon Du Livre", referring to the Cité de l'Écrit part of the town - the city of writing and paper arts.