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Life in the heart of France
1st June 2012
Friends, Family & other animals
I made an unplanned visit to the UK in May, to help out my Mum after she'd fractured a rib (while separating two stacked garden chairs). It co-incided with a sunny patch in the otherwise wet weather, showing off the view from her living room as lovely and green. She has regular visits from squirrels (ew, grey ones!) and a great variety of birds, all daring to come close to the window for peanuts and seeds. Very entertaining.
Back in France, we helped my brother manoeuvre his newly acquired and renovated boat, up the driveway of his new house. He doesn't actually live in this house yet, but wanted to bring over the boat in advance of the rest of the move. A happy boy with a new toy..!
We took him to the new creperie at Tersannes (above, right) and enjoyed a meal of savoury galettes and sweet crepes, with fresh strawberries grown about 20 metres from the plate. Delicious.
We also took advantage of the summer opening times of our local bar, with friends for an early apero. Alex had brought along the latest addition to their menagerie, a kittie called Cuddles, although he may get another more sensible name soon. Very cute.
As we float into the first week of June, the garden is looking stunning, with glowing colours and lush growth in gratitude of recent rain and present sunshine.