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13th May 2012
Plant Fair Season
We went to the annual plant fair and vide grenier (empty your loft and sell your junk) at Mezières-sur- Issoire. This year the weather was lovely and we ate french fries not in the rain and bought several plants; one of those 'black' tomatoes, melon, cucumber and courgette plants, a lovely thyme and a blue sage.
Although the vide grenier stalls didn't tempt us there was one tent containing three tethered birds. Not sure how I feel about this - they're fascinating to look at but I'd rather see them flying free.
Completely free (of restriction and charge) are all the gorgeous wild flowers filling the verges and ditches everywhere.

Pink campion, cowslips, purple wild orchids, brilliant white stitchwort, and shining buttercups.

Roger & Pauline's peony is bursting with blood-red flower and the delicate pinks and mauves of our aquilegia are blooming. It's a delightful time of the year, no doubt about it.