Limousin Living
Life in the heart of France
9th May 2012
Purest Green
With all the recent rain the countryside is positively glowing green. A short walk down to the stream is a breath of fresh air. The Limousin cows were curious.
We weeded, he planted, geraniums and more.
Maintaining the pool is a labour of love!
The iris are blooming marvellous, beautiful with raindrops on intense blue.
Our snowball shrub - Viburnum opulus - in the front garden is stunning this year. It's now over two metres tall and laden with heavy pompoms of pure white flowers.
It looks like we've lost the fig tree and the enormous bay tree, but tiny buds have appeared on my silk tree, so it has survived!
The new, cheaper, filter is keeping the pool water sparkling. The water's warming up too - now up to 27 C on a good day.