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6th May 2012
Gite Alors!
When the stuff goes back in, the living room looks fantastic. All clean and fresh and smart.
Next for painting, the small bedroom, just three metres square. We'd already done one wall when we replaced the window back in March, so we just had to repaint the ceiling and the other 3 walls, all marvellous magnolia.
The big bedroom is looking great too, freshly painted and spring cleaned.

With the window boxes planted up with geraniums, the view from the bedroom is lusciously green.
I've even made a new blue curtain for the living room, to replace the old faded one.
Finally, the kitchen, in dire need of a coat of paint. The two green walls needed a second coat, since they're covered in textured paper and the roller didn't quite reach into all the hollows. The doors and frames and the panelling around the island unit were all painted too, and the finished result is fab.

So that's it, now the gite is ready for the summer's guests. And if I see anyone zapping flies against the paintwork and not wiping off the splats, there'll be trouble!