Limousin Living
Life in the heart of France
6th May 2012
Daily Bread
Tony's getting plenty of practice making bread, diversifying now from the standard tin loaf to olive foccacia, rosemary flatbread, buns and seedy loaves. And it makes fantastic toast the next morning, all of it!
Another crop of garden asparagus became the filling for this creamy quiche. Yes, it was as good as it looks!
At one of our regular visits to the patisserie/boulangerie in Bellac, I just had to try this work of art described as an orange tartlet, with caramelised orange peel and meringue blobs. It was divine. And only one of the array of beautiful creations lined up in the display cabinet. Don't you just love the French?!
Back to work..
We can't put it off any longer. We've got the paint (good and British, ordered by t'internet, brought by Lee and Margaret), we now have the opportunity (after the gite guests at Easter) so out come the paint rollers and dustsheets. We'd chosen the same colours as before, to minimise the number of coats required (one!). We started in the living room, the biggest room and the scruffiest after 8 years including the smoke from the logburner and the water damage from the leaking chimney.
Good old magnolia! And minty green for two walls. It was done in a day and makes such a difference. Actually it took longer to take down the curtain poles, take out the furniture, spread the dustsheets and fill the cracks in the plasterwork, than it did to paint it.