Limousin Living
Life in the heart of France
6th May 2012
Artful Pursuits
I made another collage picture, from a couple of old calendars, to fill the space on our bedroom wall.
I started with a photo I'd taken a few years ago of the old town gate into Le Dorat. The stone-paved road up through the gate is steep, which is why the cyclists were pushing their bikes. I've always liked the composition of this pic, and the depth of colours in the sunlit stone.
First the sketch in pencil, then small pieces from the old calendar pictures were torn (sometimes cut) from an appropriate colour and glued on from the top down. It took 3 sticks of glue, sore fingertips and about a week to complete the picture, but it's very satisfying.
There are a few oddities hidden in the picture, things that shouldn't be there that make you look closely. But actually the best effect is when you stand back and squint a bit, so the bits all merge together.
Recycling at its best.
Finish the road, add the figures and the bikes.

Framed and hung on the wall, done.