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25th April 2012
Sheep News
The sheep are back! They've been grazing the field at the bottom of the valley since the beginning of March. We've been watching the grass grow lush and long in the field surrounding our garden, thinking the farmers must let the sheep loose on it soon. That happened yesterday so now we have a large number of sheep wandering about, eating endlessly and entertaining us with their sudden panicky stampedes and games of follow-my-leader and where's-my-mum?. It has to be said the young ones are looking plump, no longer little skippy spindly lambs. Some of the mums are looked pretty ragged now, although they're probably grateful for a thick coat in this weather.
Like the UK, we've had some dire weather for April. The temperatures are back down to single figures, the wind has been ferocious at times, and rain... Previously, we'd had no rain since before Christmas, not counting the many centimetres of snow in February, but I think we might have caught up to the average rainfall in the last two weeks. Certainly the gardens and fields needed some wet stuff, and the greenery has responded by shooting into leaf and growing lush. Now all we need is some sunshine so we can get out there and conquer the weeds and cut the lawns.
Catching up on indoor jobs, I've made a new cover for one of the sun lounger cushions, to replace one that was faded and wearing thin. I also found some dark blue velvet in my fabric hoard and recovered the armrests and cushions of my office chair. I'm not saying I spend a lot of time at the computer, but there were actual holes in the cushion cover... make do and mend, that's the new thing, isn't it?
The view at the back of our house, showing half the sheep.
More sheep in the corridor between top and lower fields, running along the end of our garden.
Georgie makes himself comfortable for an afternoon snooze on the sofa