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13th April 2012
Easter Holidays
No-one comes all winter, then at Easter they all come at once... mostly for a holiday although I did help Roger finish the grouting of his kitchen floor, started last September. Lee and Margaret, Roger and Pauline, and us of course, all went to the Gartempe restaurant - a must for every visit.
Onion bargees
Beef patties
Seafood tartlet
Some of our starters : excellent as always
The girls went shopping at Family Village in Limoges while the chaps had a clear-out of Roger's barn and a bonfire - in torrential rain. We got together for a cuppa and cheesy scones, we went out for pizza in Le Dorat one night, we enjoyed their company and the week went by too quickly.
While the weather was not good, we did get out for a short wander in the woods, to see if the bluebells were out yet. We found the odd one or two, but it's still a bit early for them yet. Some other spring woodland flowers were starting to bloom though, and the ground is covered in fresh new leafy growth.
It was warm enough to have a dip in the pool.. 4 times.. but then it got cold again, frosty even (killing off Tony's precious tomato seedlings...) and wet, wet, wet. I know we need the rain, but this is ridiculous!