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4th April 2012
Lounging About
Bonfire fun: We'd amassed a great pile of clippings and trimmings and bits that'd blown off the birch trees and were waiting for Rob (who loves a good bonfire) to come for his Easter break.
Sadly his flight was cancelled thanks to the French air traffic controllers (not striking again, surely?!) so we went ahead anyway.
It took most of the afternoon to burn it in the fire pit, then we put foil-wrapped potatoes in the super-hot ashes to cook, and a cauldron of ratatouille on top. That was our dinner and it was delicious. The ashes were still hot the next day, enough to cook some more potatoes - well it would be a waste not to!
Good bonfire, good fun, good food and it dealt with the garden waste most efficiently. The cold ashes will be spread at the base of all our fruit trees to nourish them, nothing goes to waste.
We needed two new sun loungers for the gite guests and snapped up a couple on 'special' at Leclerc. Nice simple design, waterproof, no moving parts, not much to get broken and surprisingly comfy. Trying them out for size, it didn't take long for the curious cats to play with them, hiding underneath and leaping out at the others, jumping onto stomachs with an 'oof!'
<-- three
<-- one
<-- two
All the spring flowers around the garden are looking great
A great show of cowslips and a knarly old tree in pretty blossom.