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30th March 2012
Cool Blue
As the weather's been so good under a high-pressure system also enjoyed by the UK, and because we have guests in the gite in early April, we decided to get the winter cover off the pool and spruce it up.

We peeled back the cover and left it to dry on the grass. Apart from a little detritus in the bottom of the pool, which is easily removed using our faithful little robot, the water's in remarkably good condition. We topped it up a bit, and watched as the water temperature crept up... 18, then 19 and when it reached 20C we felt compelled to take a dip.

It was, er, refreshing! It's fine once you've gone numb, honestly. No, really, we even swam a dozen lengths although we didn't actually get our heads under, we're not daft. It is wonderful to be back in the pool.
Young Georgie, now just over a year old, was found making himself comfortable admiring the view from the top of the pergola canopy. From there he jumped onto the house roof and wandered around. Fearless!
A small, (unflattering) photo as proof we went in!
Look, a green fuzz on the trees, at last!