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26th February 2012
Bits and Pieces
I made another collage picture, based on a photo I took of the viaduct over the river Vienne, at L'Isle Jourdain. Art from scraps, taken from two old calendars, recycling at its best. Very satisfying.
February has given us some of the coldest weather we've had since we arrived. Whilst the snow had melted, the lake at Oradour St. Genest was completely frozen, and the ice looked thick.
When the temperatures eventually rose the thaw revealed burst pipes and ice damage for many people we know and I suspect a great many more we don't know. In his unoccupied house, although my brother had cut off the water and drained the pipes, he discovered big holes where chunks of the cast iron radiators had burst off, and a toilet cistern cracked open from top to bottom. Along with water damaged floors and curtains, that tots up to considerable expense. French insurance companies are not known for their generosity...
We were lucky - the only frozen and burst pipes we had were under the sink in the utility area at the back of the garage. I managed without the sink and washing machine for a week until Tony was back home and fit enough to direct me into repairing it... Grubbing around under a sink is not recommended when you've just had major abdominal surgery.