Limousin Living
Life in the heart of France
5th February 2012
Socialising and Sledging
We spent a jovial sociable evening with Rosine, our tenant until recently, and her sister Nadine and Claude, who are our next door neighbours. The conversation flowed in French, we understood probably 75% of it (they talk so fast among themselves!). They're lovely people and it was a pleasure to spend the evening with them.
But there was a lot of falling over and laughing, plain good old fun.
On Sunday, Polly and Colin braved the new snowfall and came out to our place for lunch. Afterwards, we took the sledge for its first outing this winter, in the 10cm deep, soft new snow.

Sadly it was the wrong sort of snow... sliding just threw up clouds of powder snow that filled up the sledge and covered the victim.

It wouldn't even make a snowball, what use is that?!
The sky was full of the promise of more snow, thick and grey. The white blanket makes the muddy fields look lovely. Somehow the stream wasn't completely frozen.
Snow Play