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28th January 2012
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Winter Projects
Our good friend Ally came with her friend Alan for dinner one night. Great to meet a new person, and such a talented musician too. After-dinner entertainment was a jam and recording session in the studio, impressively harmonious for the first time they'd played together.

I just lounged on the sofa and listened, took photos and enjoyed the entertainment.
Wanting an indoor (well, in-garage) project, Tony has knocked up two des res squirrel boxes from plans he found on the internet, using a sheet of ply from the Shed. Wood-treated and covered with a bit of sturdy green plastic, the first has been strapped to the walnut tree in the garden, close to where squirrels have been seen previously. All in the hope of another little Cyril.
The ever-hopeful flora in the garden are bravely sprouting and even flowering. Snowdrops in the sunshine, and then a vivd purple-blue iris bursts into flower. The next day it's covered in soft, light snow. Ah, the tenacity of life.
Meanwhile, my project is making polymer (Fimo) beads, as inspired by a craft book Tony gave me for Christmas (2009!). Baked and strung, they're not bad for a first attempt. Another craft to add to my CV.
The cats spend the cold days sprawled about on the furniture. What a life.
Comfy, Georgie?