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5th January 2012
Our Christmas treat to ourselves.

Our old Sony telly had passed its fifteenth birthday - truly an ancient crone given the pace of change of consumer electronics these days. It refused to die and so we had trouble justifying replacing it with a new one. But at some point, you have to give in.

Tony had ordered one through Amazon at the beginning of December and it was supposed to be despatched from some depot in Germany. After several emails saying it'd been delayed, they finally admitted they didn't have one, they couldn't get any more at the same price and so they cancelled the order. Thanks, guys, you really know how to take the shine off a new toy.
TV Treat
Et voilą! This new bit of kit is everything the old one wasn't - Shiny, sleek, slender (flat-screens are so-o-o-o much better) and High Definition. Lovely picture.

And the screen's a bit bigger too - what more could we ask!
Even the cats are impressed. Fido sat watching the flamingoes in HD for ages!
That had taken until the end of the year, so we'd missed out on seeing all those Christmas films in HD.

So we took a deep breath and ordered a different model (yes, for a higher price, of course). This time it did arrive, more or less when scheduled.
The old still-functioning TV will be moved into the gite, so my brother can have his borrowed flat-screen telly back.
The square, almost.