Living and Building a home in the heart of France
21st November 2007
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In nearly five years that we've had a house in France, we hadn't actually been to Poitiers. It's about the same distance as Limoges but in the other direction. We've been to the out-of-town retail park for the huge DIY stores many times, but never visited the city before. This week, we finally got round to it. We chose a fine late-autumn day and made an early start (for us).

We followed signs to 'centre ville' then to one of the underground carparks, and were surprised to find ourselves right in the middle of the shopping area - that was remarkably easy!
Limousin Living
A peek at Poitiers
The ancient narrow streets are pedestrianised, therefore calm and pleasant. We found one department store and one mall, otherwise the city's full of individual, quality shops. If you like shopping, you'd love Poitiers. We were impressed.
This gorgeous display is actually chocolate heaven. Irresistible!
We found a great place for lunch, La Serrurerie, (the locksmiths) with an unusual menu, old display cases full of curios and every table occupied. I had deep-fried breadcrumbed rice balls with mozzarella middles, tomato sauce with rocket and parmesan. Wow.