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18th November 2007
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On Sunday 18th November, at the tender age of 12 weeks, Canelle brought home her first victim, a mouse. I found her playing with it in the garage; it was certainly dead so I let her keep it. She even growled at Cibie to establish it was her kill, her mouse. Look out, rodents, your days are numbered!
Limousin Living
More Kittie Pics!
The two new characters are thriving. They're very well behaved, knowing when to say 'me-out' when they need to use the litter-tray in the garage. They play-fight without bullying, chase each other around the furniture, skidding about on the tiled floors, and play with anything whether designed as a cat toy or not - a current favourite is one of my socks which gets carried around by mouth, batted about and ends up in the strangest places. Slippers and shoes get pushed under furniture, tissue-boxes get chewed, tissues shredded and one unfortunate conker gets chased and batted all round the house.
Cibie has Canelle in a head-lock.
In the garage they chose a garden sack to snuggle down on, rather than the pillow in a box that I provided for them.
Stretching out on the sofa at the end of a long day's play.