Living and Building a home in the heart of France
14th September 2007
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I'm very sad to report that my beautiful fine furry feline friend Jazzie died on Friday. She'd been in our lives a long, long time, she moved home with us five times, she's lived a full and happy life. She liked nothing more than a basket to curl up in, or a quilt to stretch out on, and she could detect a packet of crisps being opened from miles away.
Limousin Living
She's been a lovely cat, she's been with us since we got her as a kitten over 16 years ago and I believe that we've given her as good a life as any mog could have had. Since we moved to France she's had as many places to sleep in the sun as it's possible to have, more mice, frogs, lizards, blue tits and crickets than any cat could reasonably hope to hunt for, and there's always been a warm and welcoming lap to come home to when her day in the fields was done. She was much loved and will be sadly missed.
Particularly fond of cheese & onion, she was. And Laughing Cow, and tuna... She spent a little of every day sitting on my lap, purring happily. She presented us with many a mouse, taking pride in her job of pest control.
She was the finest, prettiest cat
As a playful kitten in January 1992.
Any box or basket soon had Jazzie curled up in it.
and she knew it
I'm indescribably sad she's gone, but she will never be forgotten.
She certainly knew how to get comfortable