Living and Building a home in the heart of France
26th August 2007
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Limousin Living
The last Sunday in August gave us a sunny evening by the barbeque, shared with friends and family.
Feast with Friends
We discovered just how heavy our new table is, when Tony & I carried it, half a metre at a go, down from the new terrace to the gite's barbeque area. The bruises have only just healed! The two Matts carried it back and from now on, it's staying put!
Veggie-burgers in buns, halloumi veg kebabs, sweetcorn fritters, mmm.

Everybody had a good time, we ate till we could eat no more. The sun set prettily and we partied on under the rope-lights strung up to the trees.

A great and happy evening.
Mo's sister Sylvia, visiting for a few days, gets a taste of life in the Limousin.
Roll-call: Matt, Mike, Steve, Mo, Tony, Sylvia, Matt, Mel, Harriet and Jacqueline.