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12th December 2015
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2015 - The Best Bits
So this year is almost over. In the last few days of December it's a good time to look back over the past twelve months and remember the Best Bits. The older you get, the faster time flies, so it's fair racing at supersonic speeds now..!
Here are some of the good things that happened in 2015.
In March, getting the driveway done made a vast improvement to our home, replacing mud and slime with nice clean, easy-maintenance, neat and tidy gravel with a smart blocked edging. Worth every penny.
Family visits have been lovely this year; Aunt Glenna, uncle Duncan and cousin Mark came twice - in April and September to spend time with Mum as well as explore and relax and give our trees a haircut. Brother Steve and Jacqui came in September too, and Tony's brother Mike and Sue made an impromptu visit at the end of June, also niece Maisie with best pal Hannah stayed a while too. Good job we have a guest house!
In April we bought the orchard from our neighbour, for 100 euros. How lovely to have this patch of the planet with a dozen fruitful trees and a carpet of wild flowers.
In 2015 we went out to many fêtes, fairs and festivals starting with the plant fair at the château in Magnac Laval (left) and just about every weekend throughout the summer and into autumn, finishing with the Cider and Chestnut festival in Rancon (below). The Christmas markets are now in full swing -
we plan to go to the Capon Fair in Blond on Sunday, and the Christmas market in Magnac Laval just before Christmas - taking Mum to that indoor one.

I love the French-ness of these events. There's never any trouble, just ordinary people enjoying themselves, sharing a glass of wine, eating together outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine.
My favourites are those that sell crafts and food never before seen or tasted. The best one this year was the Medieval Fête in Rancon at the end of June - a must-see next June!
Medieval Fête