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10th December 2015
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Down the Drain..
The drains got themselves bunged up. Not completely - the shower and basins seem OK although they did gurgle, but the loos weren't draining properly. Not being expert at, nor interested in, plumbing we tried all sorts to get the water flowing away as it should. The waste pipes go under the concrete floor, and we ain't digging up the lounge floor any time soon. We borrowed rods, but they wouldn't go around the bends. We tried some noxious chemical loo-unblocker, we tried soda crystals, we even tried squirting the power washer down both the loos... nope, still blocked.
Time for the professionals!
Life is never a bowl of roses. Actually it's not a vase of pinks either, although these gorgeous blooms were kindly given to us by Polly and Colin when they came for an excellent evening and pie and mash.

Even with a new-ish house - it's almost 10 years old now, can you believe it? - there are always things to go wrong.
lim12072002.jpg lim12072001.jpg
Whilst northern England is mostly underwater, our weather is much kinder. It's turned cold, with frosty mornings and some bright days. Having done many tidy-up garden jobs, it's good to return to the warmth of the house and bake!

I tried out a new recipe for cheddar biscuits which were ab. fab. whilst Tony made savoury scones, equally delish, from his Mum's Be-Ro book, now surely as old as we are but still in good working order.
There seems to be a need to go somewhere most days, whether to buy milk or cat food, a trip to Thimonnier's everything-store, or the Shed for something or other, or to visit Mum or Mike or to go yet again to the Post Office to collect a parcel they wouldn't deliver... but it's a pleasure to just Be At Home, surrounded by sheep, chickens and cats. And another gorgeous sunset.