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5th December 2015
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Lot Like Christmas
The Christmas markets are sprouting everywhere; this one in Le Dorat is a great place to pick up a present or two.
Our girls are moulting. Their feathers fall out everywhere, they're bald in places, they're depressed and huddle in the corner, in the shelter of the porch, they are looking very sorry for themselves. What a mad time of year for them to lose all their insulation. No eggs of course, all their energy is going into growing new feathers. Get fluffy soon, girls.
The decs are up, red, white and blue lights around the room, hanging Christmas tree (made from a green garland) and strung with fibre-optic lights. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...!
The sheep are back! Driven into the fields surrounding our garden, it's good to see the woolly wonders peacefully munching the long grass. They tend to panic and stampede whenever we go to hang out washing or walk around the garden. They watch the chickens and the cats, they butt each other, they spend the night settled under the apple trees. They do whiff a bit, but it's still nice to share our space with them.
I've been busy in my craft room - making this collection: Father Christmas with his sack of toys, his wife with apron and lacy bloomers, one of the cheeky elves, and a few wacky trees. Just because I could, and because I got a lot of pleasure making them. And why not.
We also went into the Artemis shop next door (facing the Collegiale) which has turned into a treasure trove of fine foods, gourmet ingredients, fabulous chocolates and fine wines. We will return!