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13th November 2015
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We're still taking Mum for a coffee every Thursday morning, at the Café de la Poste. She does love to get out, and to chat in English, and to sit out in the fresh air for as long as possible. It's positively warm on the terrace, so far.
The garden centre near L'Ile Jourdain has a good and healthy-looking collection of plants, shrubs and trees, and it was there we found our Liquidambar. About 3 metres high, we brought it home in the trailer and set about planting it in the furthest corner of the garden, where the arbour once lived (and finally collapsed).

We (royal 'we') did a proper job of digging a huge hole, putting in lots of our lovely garden compost, backfilling, stomping in and watering well.

OK, so it's just a stick at the moment, but the plan is that it should soon look more like this...
Liquidambar Styraciflua 'Worplesdon'
We're getting some pretty good sunsets lately..