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7th November 2015
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Status Queaux
At sunrise, in the early morning mist, from our window we spotted four deer grazing along the horizon.
To enjoy the lovely clear bright day, we went for a walk to the Saut de la Brame, through the hamlet of Le Breuil. The pond was strewn with brown leaves. The mossy steps led up past an ancient barn. It was quiet and peaceful, warm in the sunshine and an absolute delight to be out.
November 11th. We went to join the procession and listen to the Maire's Remembrance speech at the war memorial in Darnac.
Always a moving experience.
Afterward, we went to a Fête des Arbres in Queaux. Although we didn't find the tree we're looking for, we did give in to temptation and bought cyclamen and a tray of pansies. And an aubergine, and a yellow pepper, and several other lovely foodstuffs from a great organic stall. A hundred different apple varieties were on show, attended by a knarly but friendly old
chap telling us how they're keeping alive all these weird and wonderful apples, encouraging people to plant more trees.