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11th October 2015
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Pumpkin Festival, Adriers
Squash, anyone? The annual Autumn Festival in Adriers is well worth a trip, especially on this beautiful sunny Sunday.
We took Mum who whizzed around with her three-wheeler, amazed and agog at this unique event. Lots of craft stalls, food stalls, knitted jumpers around the trees, and more pumpkins than she'd ever seen before.
One of several experiences so far lacking from her 94 years was this 3-piece band called Le Chant des Pavillons. The instruments are ... unusual. The chap playing... whatever-you-call-it.. stood in front of Mum, pointed his phono-fiddle trumpet-o-phone at her and played just for her. You should have seen her grin.
See, hear them here
The location is lovely too, around the lake where model boat enthusiasts showed off their creations. What a fantastic, social, buzzy event - everyone went around with a smile on their face. We bought a pumpkin and roasted slices of it for our roast Sunday lunch. Had pumpkin risotto next day, and souped the rest.