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6th October 2015
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Civray market
Now the gite summer season is over, we did a day-trip to Civray. We'd been told it had a good market and an excellent Italian restaurant - those two reasons were justification enough for the 90 minute journey. Civray is one of those lovely small market towns found all over France. Its thousand-year-old church is undergoing restoration work, but is beautifully decorated inside. The market is held in a tree-lined central square surrounded by several cafés with seating outside. I loved the market - selling everything from carpets to cauliflowers. Tony bought a new watch-strap and from the same stall I treated myself to a sparkly fine bracelet.
The food stalls were amazing, with the longest queue at the fish stall. Although we didn't need any cheese, we could not resist this gorgonzola which was so relaxed it was oozing off the stand - I can't tell you how delicious that one was. And the organic, artisan bread was just irresistible. Quality food.
Lunch was in this fab pizzeria right on the main square. The chef did that spinning thing with the pizza bases and the wood fired oven was high tech... producing possibly the best pizza I've ever had this side of Italy. The crispiest base, the tastiest topping. Just wow.
Mine had fried onion, goats cheese, black olives on a creamy base, with ice cold San Pelegrino to swish it down.