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4th September 2015
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Family Do
Then followed a week of visiting family - Mum's sister Glenna and Duncan, cousin Mark and a day later my brother Steve and wife Jacqui. This involved much eating out and family lunches on the terrace and a great chance to catch up with Mum for a grand natter.
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Conveniently for us, Mark quite enjoys going up a ladder with a chainsaw. Having earmarked several branches of the trees around the gite that exclude the sunshine from the garden and bang on the roof in windy weather, he skilfully sliced away till there was an enormous pile of branches twigs and leaves that took three trailer trips to dispose of.
Now Duncan is 90 he's excused the physical work, but was still useful in an advisory role.
Down came large chunks of the two silver birches, pine and walnut trees, and 2metres off the hazel hedge that's grown since we lopped it in spring, making an astounding improvement to the light levels.
Creperie lunch in Montmorillon
Duncan, Mark, Tony, me, Mum, Glenna & Mike
La Petite Fontaine, Le Dorat, lunch.
Lovely to see the rellies, and I'm so glad they had such glorious weather while they were here. Even Glenna went in the pool, briefly (it's only 25C now..). A lovely visit for Mum too.