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10th August 2015
Page 1034
High Summer
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This has been a bountiful year for apples. The one apple tree in our garden has produced its own weight in fruit, with a fresh windfall of dozens every day for weeks. We've struggled to keep up! Those not nibbled by wasps have been stewed and eaten or frozen, and put through our new juicer to provide us with apple juice for breakfast.
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The Bedour-Atkinson family making their annual stay in our gite joined Roger, Pauline and Tony and I for a (fabulous as always) pizza in La Dent de Loup - a great evening out with lots of happy faces.
The juicing machine is messy and generates more pulp and froth than actual juice, but it is worth the effort.
The fountains in the new square are often seen with small people running through the waterspouts, shrieking with delight. Simple pleasures at that age.
Montmorillon is looking fine in high summer.