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9th August 2015
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Blond Garlic and Melon Fair
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After a couple of rainy cloudy days it was good to get out with a trip to the annual Garlic and Melon market in Blond. And yes, there was the garlic... mountains of the stuff! Having grown our own year's supply we didn't need garlic, but we did buy a string of lovely red onions.
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And there were the melons! Charantais melons of course, our local speciality, bright orange fleshed, green and stripy, by the crate.
Melons are not the only fruit... gorgeous nectarines in perfect condition, I wish I'd bought some of these.
And fruits were not the only merchandise on offer. Knives, hats, wooden toys, clothes, garden tools, tablecloths and these lovely patchwork quilts... lots more too.
Shiny aubergines, fresh courgettes (we do NOT need any more courgettes thank you) and huge ripe tomatoes - now they're cheap and tasty, we did buy 2 kilos of these to make into tomato sauce for freezing for the winter.
One serious photographer!